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Science Researcher, Entrepreneur, IT Expert & Thought Leader


Atul is an ardent Science Thinker. He has done significant research on various theories from Physics over the past 20 years. His love for Physics started sometime around 1998 while he was still running a business. However, the initial excitement for science had already started when he was still in Grade 10 in 1981. He got hold of a fat science book, which was originally meant for the PhD students and got immersed into it, reading it cover-to-cover several times over.

For the last 10 years, much of his knowledge is gained from studying articles and watching science videos online. He agrees with most of what he has read, however, for the ones he disagrees with, Atul proposes his own alternate theories. Atul is actively researching and writing his science papers. You can find some of his work published on his website

Professional Background 

Atul is a seasoned industry professional in the space of Information Technology (IT), with over 22 years of work experience. He has over 10 years of business experience before he began his IT career. His past IT experience lies in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) concepts and implementation protocols. He also has a vast experience in implementing networks of various sizes, in various networking protocols & software, in various development architectures, various digital platforms and various technologies.

He is also widely recognized for his ability to impart information, knowledge and value through his speaking and training seminars. Atul is a highly respected figure in the field of IT and is also affectionately referred to as the ‘Father of IT in North India’ by industry peers.

Atul got his first exposure to the Internet in 1995, even before it was launched in India. In the early 1996, he started India’s first web development and hosting services Company. At that time, Google & Bing were yet to arrive, Yahoo was just a directory and the most popular search engines i.e. Lycos, AltaVista and Excite were then in use, all of which are unheard-of today!

Due to this early start, Atul got a vast and rich experience in web, eCommerce as well as search engine landscape. He has closely witnessed the evolution of Internet to what it is today.

Atul is a serial entrepreneur and started his first venture, Pugmarks – an Advertising & Marketing Services Company, back in 1986. Within the first 10 years of its operations, Pugmarks grew to become a leading brand in North India.

He launched his online operations in early 1996 as the first company, to provide web design and web hosting services in India. By 2000, it was the largest and the #1 online service provider in India. He raised the first round of Venture Capital Funding the same year.

By 2001, his company designed, programmed, hosted and launched websites of almost all the leading publication groups in India, such as – the India Today Group, Times of India Group, Music Today, Indian Express Group, Business Standard, TV-18, The Tribune, Computer World, Nai Dunia, Week Magazine, Malayala Manorama, Deccan Herald, Encyclopedia Britannica, Daily Excelsior, Discover India, Express Computers, Business Barons, Computer World, PC World, Architecture & Design etc.

Even though he continues to retain the brand Pugmarks, the company rebranded to RedAlkemi, which is now successfully taking forward the legacy.

Ever since its inception, RedAlkemi has designed and launched websites of over 3,000 corporates, including top brands like the Reliance Group, Bharti AirTel, Tata Group, BHEL, NIIT, Maruti Udyog, Hero Group, Thompson Press, Trident Group, Vardhman Group, Thompson Press, Oswals, DRDO, JK Tourism, Bank of Punjab, PunCom, Indian School of Business, Oswal Group, Sportking, JPSL, Computer Point, Raheja Group, ICRA, Imperial Hotel, Markfed, Godrej Group, ITC Limited, Jindal Group, ING Vyasa Group and Enron to name a few. It will be hard to find a prominent corporate group in India, which is not in some way connected to the services of the company.

Now, Atul’s active participation in day-to-day working of RedAlkemi is limited to his strategic inputs and direction, which he provides as a mentor to the company.

Key Milestones 

There are many ‘firsts’ to his credit such as:• Carried out the first Live Webcast in India of the inauguration of the Hi-Tech city by then Prime Minister of India, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Hyderabad (1998)

  • Launched the first Online Publication in India – Deccan Herald, Bangalore – (1997)
  • Launched the first multimedia content online – Bollywood songs in Real Audio streaming format (1997)
  • Launched the first two regional languages publications – Naidunia in Hindi and Malayala Manorama in Malayalam true type fonts (1997-98)
  • Launched India’s first Search Engine Optimization services, even before launch of Google or when the SEO services were barely known (1997)
  • RedAlkemi became India’s first company to have deployed multi-server load balanced hosting under distributed computing environment to cater to millions of hits per day for India’s election tracking website of India Today Group (2000)

RedAlkemi became India’s first company to have deployed multi-server load balanced hosting under distributed computing environment to cater to millions of hits per day for India’s election tracking website of India Today Group (2000)

Awards & Accolades

Atul and his company Pugmarks Design / RedAlkemi have won many awards from Software Technology Parks of India. He is regularly invited to speak and chair at various industry seminars and conferences at CII, PHD Chambers, TiE, educational institutions and other industry bodies.

Atul has been a TiE Charter Member and an elected Council Member of CII and PHD Chambers for several years. He is a Moderator of Social Media Marketing Group on LinkedIn, the largest group on LinkedIn with over two million members.

Personal Information

In June 2017, Atul went through a personal mishap when he suffered a minor brain stroke with a small blood clot, which affected his speech. In the initial months of the stroke, he had completely lost his speech, but he is a fighter and bounced back soon after and has regained much of his speech since then. He is still recovering from a limited bit of slur in his speech and hopes to have normal speech in a years’ time.

He enjoys shooting as a sport and spends his spare time landscaping and doing social work for a school, which he has adopted in a nearby village.

Atul is married to Anuja Lath, who is a Co-founder & CEO of RedAlkemi. Together they have two daughters, both tri-city toppers, educated from St. Xavier’s and Sophia College in Mumbai. Atul and his family reside on the outskirts of Chandigarh on a three acre farmhouse, amidst nature.

You can contact him at or on +91 98155-48782

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